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Using activities that interest you, we'll explore the way you move and the way you think about your movement. Students often choose to begin with things like walking, talking and sitting at a computer.


Some also find it illuminating to work on specialised activities they are skilled or experienced in – such as singing, acting, martial arts or playing an instrument.

Your questions and what you are thinking will be the springboard for each lesson. As well as talking to you, I'll use my hands to help you consider the way you're thinking and moving.


Although it's not compulsory, many students find they smile and laugh a lot in lessons too!


Lessons are around 30 minutes long. Your introductory lesson will be longer at around 45

minutes. I'm also happy to teach lessons and workshops for several people or a larger group.


Lesson fee: £45




What students say:

"I have found the work has calmed me down, made me more rational and helped me function better both in relationships and in my work." 


"I can't remember the last time I lost my voice during a theatre run, regardless of the intensity of the vocal work."


"Classes were like thinking I was a two-speed bike all my life and being handed the keys to myself, only to find out I'm actually a high-performance sports car."


"Olly is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the the privilege of learning from. It is truly a joy to work with him."



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