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Frequently asked questions

Why is it called the Alexander Technique?


The Technique is named after

FM Alexander (1869 -1955), an

Australian actor who began his work

while searching for the solution to a

long-term vocal problem.


Is the Alexander Technique

a form of exercise or complementary medicine?


In the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) we describe the Alexander Technique

as education.


Do all Alexander Technique teachers teach in the same way?


No. As with many professions, there are different schools of thought about the Alexander Technique and these are reflected in the way it is taught.

What should I wear?


There's no need to wear special clothing (as you might for an exercise class for example) although you may prefer clothes that allow you to move freely.


How many lessons should I have and how often?


This is up to you. Some people like to have lesson every week, while others find once or twice a month or whenever they feel like it works for them.


If you're new to the Alexander Technique having an introductory course of six lessons is a good way to begin.


How much are lessons?


Lesson fee: £45



Can I have a joint or group lesson?


Yes. If you and a friend, partner or relative want to share a lesson, just let

me know .


I'm happy to work with groups of up to four people in my teaching room.


Do you run workshops for larger groups?


Yes. If you're interested in a workshop or series of workshops, do get in touch.


If you would like to be added to my email list to hear about upcoming workshops, please contact me.


Are there other ITM teachers in the UK and abroad?


Yes, visit the ITM website to find them. 






"Oliver creates a safe environment that encourages curiosity and nutures self-exploration. In my personal and professional life, I constantly find myself returning to the work."



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